Imagine yourself sitting on the white sandy dune. Or strolling through the morning forest, immersed in sunbeams. Close your eyes and see yourself laying on the fresh grass, sensing the light breeze, touching soft moss or stroking fingers into the moist and smelly soil... We are sure, you are experiencing such pure moments from time to time, here or there. Moments, when insane world slows down, noises and chaos disappear. You dive into presence, connected to self, in harmony with surroundings. Honestly, we adore those moments and we would be very happy to experience this more often. Maybe... even every day. How to prolong them? How to lose thyself in this here and now momentum?

We believe that this breath of nature, purity and calm can be delivered to our everyday lives. For instance, to our home. We can easily wrap our house or flat and furniture into the charming, simple, yet very natural state and atmosphere. That is why, we started creating unique, handmade linen items of high quality. We are certain: our pastel and earthy linen bedding sets, tablecloths, curtains, towels and other items fantastically fit into modern, classical or even rustic homes and interiors.

We believe that every person can choose sustainable living, filled with clearness, simplicity and style. We believe that bright, light, clean and natural interior is one of the ways to do that. Let's do this. Let's reward ourselves with bright and beautiful homes and lives.

Linen that breathes