Linen Towels

Welcome to our exquisite collection of linen towels, where style seamlessly meets functionality. Linen waffle towels come in two types. Some are made of 100% linen, others with cotton (48% natural medium weight linen and 52% natural cotton). There are also bath, face towels and foldable travel towels with a special loop for hanging and a leather clasp. There is also a woman sauna linen waffle towel and a waffle linen hair towel, each crafted to enhance your bathing experience. 

Linen bath towels

At the heart of our collection are the linen bath towels, celebrated for their unparalleled softness and durability. Perfect for sensitive skin, these towels offer a gentle touch, making them ideal for both adults and children. The linen waffle towels stand out with their distinctive weave, offering not only aesthetic beauty but also increased absorbency.

Linen face towels

For more delicate use, our linen hand and face towels are a must-have. Soft, yet durable, they are kind on the skin and perfect for daily use. The linen bath mat, a luxurious addition to our range, invites you to step into comfort after every bath or shower.

Perfect for traveling

For the travelers, our linen towels are an essential companion. Lightweight and compact, they are perfect for on-the-go, ensuring you never compromise on comfort. Foldable travel towels with a special loop for hanging and a leather clasp. Perfect for transportation.

Eco-friendly towels

Our commitment to sustainability shines through in each towel, made from high-quality European linen. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also promise longevity and ease of care.

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort with our linen towels. Each piece is a testament to the luxury and functionality that linen brings to everyday life. Step into a world where your bathroom is not just a space, but an experience.