It's official! It's that time of the year when we start to feel the festive season and holiday cheer, but also the pressure to find the best gift for your loved ones.

Today we list the best gift ideas for women in your life!

Surprising a woman is quite a challenge. Either it's a gift for a friend, wife, mother, or just a festive treat for yourself. Our guide is here to help you to choose the most special one!


We know that finding a perfect gift for women in your life can be hard, but if you want to surprise with a simple, yet very longlisting and stylish accessory you can always choose a linen scarf. 


Linen tote bags are not only a stylish way to go shopping - it’s a great alternative to a single use shopper as well.
It’s easy to wash and you can use it time after time! So if women in your life appreciate long lasting and sustainable things - a linen tote bag will be a very appreciated gift !


When we create linen clothing we imagine women in their true nature - powerful yet soft and sweet. Our oversized versatile linen shirt was created keeping those qualities in mind.
Perfect for everyday use, loose fit and so comfy when running errands, yet it can be transformed into something very luxurious.

If women in your life love fashion and dressing up, you would definitely make them happy choosing to gift linen clothing.

Linen material itself is so unique - relaxed fit, effortless and timeless style.


A bathrobe is a very thoughtful and appreciated gift by most women. So you can never go wrong when gifting a linen bathrobe with the intention to take more time to yourself, rest and just wrap up with a linen bathrobe for that extra homey feel.

You can choose a linen and cotton blend waffle bathrobe. Fluffy and soft material to keep your loved ones warm and cozy.


Comfort is key when it comes to selecting pajamas.
So we designed our linen ones to allow full movement when you're asleep so you won't wake up irritated.
Not only that, but linen is a breathable fabric that is actually able to regulate your body temperature to a comfortable level when sleeping, so wake up every morning feeling fresh and well rested. Wouldn't you want to get this kind of gift yourself? We know we do!

If women in your life love cooking, you can always make them happy by gifting something they can use every day in the kitchen.
Either it's a linen apron, tea towels or set of pot holders or oven mitts
Hope this gift guide gives you some ideas and makes gift shopping easier!
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