How to Measure your table for a Tablecloth - Full Guide

A linen tablecloth not only serves a functional purpose of protecting your table from spills and stains but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your dining or kitchen area. However, to achieve the perfect fit and look, it's essential to measure your table correctly to determine the appropriate tablecloth size. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of measuring for different table shapes and selecting the right tablecloth size, ensuring that you make an informed decision when shopping for the perfect tablecloth.

How to Measure for a Round Tablecloth

When measuring for a round tablecloth, the primary measurement you need is the diameter of the table. To find this, simply measure straight across the widest part of the table's top, passing through the center. Ensure that you measure the width of the table at the widest point to get an accurate diameter.

After obtaining the diameter of your round table, calculating the required round tablecloth size is relatively easy. Typically, you'll need to add twice the desired drop length to the diameter of the table. The drop length refers to the amount that the tablecloth will hang down from the edge of the table. The standard drop length is 8 to 12 inches, but it ultimately depends on your preference.

Next, finding the right drop length for a round tablecloth is crucial for achieving the perfect look. Ideally, the drop should be long enough to cover the sides of the table while not touching your knees when seated, and not too long that it becomes a tripping hazard.

If you are looking for a round tablecloth, we offer WHITE ROUND LINEN TABLECLOTH. You can choose from different colors - white, natural, light grey, etc. - and round tablecloths in different sizes to suit your table and complement your existing interior.

How to Measure your table for a Tablecloth - Full Guide 2

Measuring for a Rectangular Tablecloth

Measuring the length and width of the table is necessary when determining the appropriate size tablecloth for a rectangular table. Start by measuring the length and width of the table from edge to edge on each side. Ensure to include any overhang or extensions in your measurements if your table has them.

Once you have the measurements, determining the appropriate size tablecloth involves adding the desired drop length to both the length and the width of the table. Adding 16 to 20 inches to the dimensions is generally recommended to achieve a balanced drop. This additional length ensures that the tablecloth hangs elegantly without being too short or too long.

Calculating the ideal drop length for a rectangular tablecloth is essential for creating a polished look. A drop length of 10 to 15 inches is typically preferred for a formal setting, while a more casual setting may allow for a longer drop.

CLOUD GRAY LINEN TABLECLOTH, NATURAL LIGHT LINEN TABLECLOTH, WHITE LARGE LINEN TABLECLOTH - rectangular tablecloths, that complement the Sand Snow Linen tablecloth range. We offer rectangular tablecloths in a variety of sizes, colors, etc., so you're sure to find the one that best suits your needs.

How to Measure your table for a Tablecloth - Full Guide 3

How to Measure for an Oval Tablecloth

Measuring the length and width of the oval table is the first step in determining the correct oval tablecloth size. Measure the longest point of the table for the length, and the widest part for the width, including any additional leaves or extensions if applicable.

After obtaining the measurements, choosing the right drop length for an oval tablecloth is vital. Similar to the process for round and rectangular tables, the drop should be selected to achieve a sophisticated and practical look, ensuring the sides are covered adequately without impeding movement around the table.

Understanding the Right Tablecloth Size for Different Tables

For square tables, calculating the size involves measuring the length of one side of the table and adding twice the desired drop length. For round tables, the size can be determined by measuring the diameter and adding the drop length. Rectangular tables require measuring the length and width, then adding the desired drop length.

Shopping for the Perfect Tablecloth

When shopping for a tablecloth, it's essential to be familiar with standard tablecloth sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your table. Custom tablecloth options are also available if you cannot find a tablecloth in standard sizes that fits your table dimensions perfectly.

Additionally, consider table linens and table runners to complement your tablecloth. Table linens, including napkins and placemats, can add a coordinated and polished look to your dining table. Meanwhile, a table runner can serve as a decorative accent, adding visual interest to the table.

Sand Snow Linen has a wide range of tablecloths in different sizes, colors, designs and more. Whether you're looking for a classically designed tablecloth for a round table or a luxurious-looking tablecloth for a rectangular table, you'll find a tablecloth that suits your needs and fits different interiors in our online shop. Visit and discover the textiles that will help you to create a dining space with exceptional style.

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