When it comes to decorating your home, one of the keys to a cozy-looking space is no other than linen curtains.

Linen itself comes in various colors and densities so it is a perfect choice if you want them in different styles.



There're a few things you need to consider before deciding what would be the best fit for your home and one of them is whether you want panels to be sheer, semi-sheer, or totally blackout ones?

If you do not need a lot of privacy and want lots of light to come through - sheer and lightweight panels can be a great fit.



If you want to moderate the light, standard linen fabric in semi-sheer is a great option if you wish to have more privacy, but have a bit of light coming through as well.



If you want the light to be all or mostly blocked out linen blackout curtains, which feature a special lining that keeps out sunlight entirely, are also an option. This is perfect for a bedroom or a nursery.



The second thing you must consider is how long of panels you want and need.

Having them a bit longer, so they lie on the floor with extra material touching the ground - can add a more romantic and soft look to the room.

Another, and a bit more practical choice is having them just the right length till the floor, with no extra material.



Once you decide on the length, you need to measure the width of the space or window frame that needs to be covered and double it at least 1,5 to 3 times to have nice waves and fully looking panels.



Last but not least  - figuring out the hanging method is probably the most difficult part. But since there're multiple options to choose from, from rods to rails, you can choose the one that it seems most convenient for you to open and close the curtains.



When choosing a rod pocket, you can consider having panels with grommets, ties, tab tops, or even decorative crown top to make the whole look even more romantic.



Adding a linen curtain to your home decor can be a game-changer in creating a warm and homey space to be in, so follow the steps mentioned above to create the look that you love!

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