When it comes to kids, we want absolutely the best for them. Choosing a gift that is practical, but also very wanted and usable by kids, or parents in a newborn phase, can be a challenge.

We listed a few kids' gift ideas so hope you will get inspired!

First of all, we think about safety and benefits for the baby, so choosing a gift that helps the baby develop is always a win!


Did you know that play mats are one of the best first toys for babies? Providing a cushioned surface while they develop trunk stability and control in their back and legs while laying on the play mat and having a tummy time.


And if you are not a fan of round play mat, you can always choose square shaped one. Linen baby play mat is very practical, you can easily move it from room to room.


If you are looking for something unique - choosing a linen canopy can be the answer!

We do try to create the best and safest environment possible, so choosing a canopy made from 100% linen looks so cozy and is so inviting to play, create and learn in. Also, so many various colors available, that you can mix and match what agrees with your decor.


Another great gift for kids - linen baby bedding. Comfy and breathable material is great even in the newborn phase. It's one of the most popular and most asked gifts. And when the gift is long-lasting, sustainable, and beneficial for the babies - it's all parents can ask for.


If you are looking for something simple, but want to make sure it will be practical and often used for - a waffle baby blanket is to go for. Stretchy material is perfect for the swaddle, or just to make our little ones cozier and warmer.



Stuffed linen pillows in star, moon and in cloud shapes, can be a perfect accent when decorating a room or adding a playful pillow as a gift. 


Hope you got inspired and found some gift ideas for children!

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